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I have had an interest in politics since my college days back in the 70’s and one of my first semester classes was Critical Thinking and Writing in the Social Sciences. I credit that one class with shaping the way I take in information, always with a critical eye and an understanding that information must always be corroborated by one or more sources. I also use the gut meter quite a bit and if it goes off my first line of defense is to check in with Snopes.com. and then to look at other sources.

As you may have guessed I would be considered a “liberal”.  I am proud to say I am sympathetic to the suffering of others and I believe that our government should be active in distributing supplies and wealth according to a fair system for all. This is my holy grail in navigating social and political thought, but it is not an excuse to respond on an emotional level without examining the facts. I believe it is my obligation to do my due diligence with educating myself .

I admit that as I got busy with life I did not spend as much time following politics during the 80’s or 90’s. My awareness was re-awoken during the 2005 crisis of Hurricane Katrina. I had the time and experience to volunteer with the Red Cross and assist the medical team in Louisiana where many of the evacuees were sent. I was shocked by the racism and bigotry I experienced in regards to the evacuees while on this assignment and my social conscious was re-ignited.

Today, especially since the 2016 election I have been following politics pretty closely. I actually went to bed on the eve of the election thinking Donald Trump could not possibly win and I slept well believing the first woman President was about to be elected. Needless to say, the presidency of Donald Trump has caused me a lot of soul searching and realization that my “liberal ideology” is now outside the norm. After the haze of depression lifted I got curious.

I began watching Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, and a few other commentators on MSNBC daily and following their many guests who have done extensive research into the Trump presidency. It is a dizzying amount of information with tangents that stretch in every direction and are tinged with layered nuance. I also watch other news programs and occasionally I check in with the entertainment program known as Fox News.

I began writing this blog in an attempt to bring awareness to folks who want to understand what is going on but don’t or cant spend the many hours it takes to follow information and leads up to develop an informed opinion. I am presenting each blog with bullet point headlines. You can Google these headlines to gather information and form your own opinions. If nothing else, I hope I spark your curiosity.


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The Devils In The Details

As the Paul Manafort trial gets under way you can be sure that the psychological manipulation of facts by Donald Trump has also begun. While this trial is not about the collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign it serves to set the tone for the Special Counsel investigation of the Russian governments interference in the 2016 presidential election and its deadly seriousness.

It will be important to remember the facts of this case, as one of the many tactics used by the Trump administration is to lie, obfuscate, and redirect attention away from the truth. This practice has been in play since the early days of Trumps election campaign and has been introduced gradually into the narrative wearing us down, making us doubt the truth.

I was reminded of this recently during […]

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I would rather be out in nature photographing chipmunks than having to deal with the distasteful state of our union and believe me people we are in distress. Some of you may be following the turn of events, some of you may not know or understand what is happening. Here is an outline of the REAL FACTS folks.

• FOLLOW THE MONEY – Everything Donald Trump owns is bought with money financed through Russia or involves deals with the Russian Mafia and money laundering. (Glen Simpson reported this to the House intelligence committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee). This is why Trump refuses to release his taxes and is beholding to Putin.

• ARCTIC OIL – In 2013 Exxon Mobil and Russia’s Rosneft Oil Company partnered for exploration projects in the Russian Arctic shale oil fields […]

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