I would rather be out in nature photographing chipmunks than having to deal with the distasteful state of our union and believe me people we are in distress. Some of you may be following the turn of events, some of you may not know or understand what is happening. Here is an outline of the REAL FACTS folks.

• FOLLOW THE MONEY – Everything Donald Trump owns is bought with money financed through Russia or involves deals with the Russian Mafia and money laundering. (Glen Simpson reported this to the House intelligence committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee). This is why Trump refuses to release his taxes and is beholding to Putin.

• ARCTIC OIL – In 2013 Exxon Mobil and Russia’s Rosneft Oil Company partnered for exploration projects in the Russian Arctic shale oil fields of Siberia and deep water in the Black Sea. Exxon Mobile owns the deep-water technologies to extract the oil.

• SANCTIONS – In 2014 sanctions were imposed by the US and European Union as a reaction to the seizure of the Crimean Peninsula by Putin. Putin annexed Crimea because he did not want the threat of NATO’s further expansion along Russia’s western border or a possible eviction of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. Sanctions specifically targeted the areas covered by Exxon’s agreements: the Arctic, shale and deep water.

• CHUGGING ALONG – At the beginning of March 2018, Exxon had formally pulled out of the project because sanctions would keep them from making progress on deadlines. On March 13th Rex Tillerson was fired from his position of Secretary of State.

• WHAT DOES PUTIN WANT WITH DONALD TRUMP? Plain and simple, he wants the sanctions removed so that he can continue the $500 Billion oil deal. This is the biggest oil deal in HISTORY and would completely change the trajectory of Russia’s power.